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Small Business & Start Up Law

Small businesses and start ups face a very unique set of legal issues at every stage of their development. As an entrepreneur with an MBA who sold one of his companies to a private equity firm in 2014, Shawn Patrick O’Connor is uniquely prepared to assist you with the legal issues you will face from the moment you found your company until you exit the entity.


Choosing the most appropriate entity (for example, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation)  is essential to protect the owners’ personal assets and ensure tax efficiency going forward. Our firm will not only assist you with making this critical choice, but can assist you with the entity formation in your home state or Delaware, which may be preferable for certain companies, as well as the preparation of your Operating Agreement or Corporate By-Laws and obtaining your Federal Employment Identification Number and similar state requirements. We can also assist with proper name selection as well as DBA (Doing Business As) applications.

Depending on their size, industry, and location, small businesses and start ups may be exempt from certain regulations that govern larger corporations. The Law Office of Shawn P. O’Connor & Associates can help you better understand what is required to comply with the regulations that apply to your specific business.

To best protect your business, you should enter into clear, well-negotiated, legally enforceable contracts with your vendors, customers, employees, and other partners. The Law Office of Shawn P. O’Connor & Associates can negotiate and draft these contracts to protect your investment.

Should you need to enforce a contract in court or defend yourself against threatened or filed litigation, The Law Office of Shawn Patrick O’Connor & Associates stands ready to vigorously advocate on behalf of your company.

If you have made the decision to sell your business, The Law Office of Shawn P. O’Connor & Associates would be honored to help you with every part of this process, such as negotiating the terms of the sale, preparing an Offering Memorandum, ensuring compliance with all securities regulations, and executing the sale through the preparation and proper execution of all necessary documents.